Jimena Kimura Logo


KIMURA – a Japanese family name as my designer name. I am Swedish, mother of two and originally from Hong Kong. Fascinated with Japanese urban culture, food & nature. I educated as a marketer and studied graphic & packaging design in the late years.

Because of the Japanese idol, I opened up my eyes to the country, learned the language, traveled and did a design internship there.
Because of destiny, I met MARK, my partner a fine art photographer & sound technician from The Netherlands.
And because of love, the CONCEPT came to open an art gallery/ STORE together.

“HANG ON! Tell me about the store, please!”
JIMENA KIMURA CONCEPT STORE is unique and interesting! This is the art gallery store which carrying for artistic products, those are delicately selected by us – Jimena & Mark in Sunne, Sweden.

Most of the arts & products come from The Netherlands & Japan through our own social networks. They are fine art photography, home decoration, paper products, gifts & premium, also partially are self-designed local products.

As I mentioned as of above, this art gallery is unique, interesting & stylish! We aim to give an extra taste to our hometown, Sunne, also to be the showcase for visitors between Oslo, Norway to Stockholm.